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The Cats were a rock band from Volendam, Netherlands. Together with BZN, they were key figures of what came to be called the Palingsound (eel-sound), an umbrella for artists residing in Volendam. 

Their international popularity began to grow. By spring 1970 the Cats toured Surinam and the Netherlands Antilles and played one show on 4 April 1970 in Guyana. 

On 17 October 1970 the band travelled to EMI headquarters in London to collect, as Theo said when the Dutch television show TopPop followed them, “a few goldies”. These were presented to the band by Cliff Richard.

Early in 1971 The Cats were touring Indonesia. They were rebuked for meeting with the expatriat Dutch political dissident Poncke Princen whom some in the Netherlands viewed as a traitor.

“Don’t Waste Your Time” broke a string of Top 10 chart dominations, but the next single, “One Way Wind”, became The Cats’ biggest ever hit. In Germany it reached Number One chart position and in 1972 the band responded by releasing Katzenspiele (Cat’s Play), featuring their hits rerecorded in German.

By now, the band were so popular they had become part of the popular consciousness. But the busy schedule had begun to take its toll as Cees contracted voice problems. Roadcrew member Piet Keizer replaced him temporarily. Not having played on their own albums in six years, The Cats entered 1974 by flying to Los Angeles’s Larrabee Studios to record Love in Our Eyes; or rather to add their voices to somebody else’s songs. Not everyone enjoyed it. Cees was quoted of saying about the session: “‘Be My Day’ topped the charts, which was a great thing, but the rest of that pre-baked stuff should’ve been chucked into the ocean near Malibu”.